Wednesday, January 6, 2010


With this multi-mice platform you can connect as many mice as you want. I have 25 connected here. This is the games dashboard where all your saved games are kept. Here you you can select games to play or edit.
In this Classroom page, each student or user gets to write their own name using the onscreen keyboard. This feature gives feedback to each student and the teacher at the completion of every session.
There are a variety of games that you can choose. There are competitive, collaborative and parallel gaming platforms.
In pursuit of expanding the Multi-Mouse educational advantages, I learned that the Dickenson Brothers in America won the Imagine Cup in Egypt in 2009. They developed a platform using silverlight and multipointweb which enables multiple mice to simultaneously play educational games. Here's the link. My classroom in this site is called joestewart. I have started designing a variety of games to use next year. The children absolutely love these games. They are fun and very engaging and from an educational perspective are just excellent. Content is easily developed to suit any lesson content. I extend my congratulations and support to the Dickenson brothers especially Jimmy who has been an enormous support to me and the students in my class. Thank you for the wonderful games platform arena. We will use it a lot throughout 2010.

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