Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Setting up 30 Mice to be used by 1 laptop

When I first started asking in May 2009 if you could have more than one mouse connected to a computer the anser was "Yes, but they would fight over the cursor".
I wanted to connect 30 wireless mice, each with its own unique cursor. I spoke to many people in I.T and Computer stores without any success so I was on my own.

I now know that it is theoretically possible to connect 256 mice to a computer and operate up to 10,000 wireless mice in the one room without interference!!!!
Here's photos of my set up.

As you can see, each mouse has a micro-receiver pluggeg in to a usb hub. The usb hubs are 7 port hubs. I now have 5 of these. The first hub is plugged into the laptop. The other hubs all plug into this one.

HOT TIP!! Number each mouse and micro-receiver. This helps if you run into difficulties if a mouse stops working. As each receiver is specifically coded to the mouse at the factory, you can keep track of what is plugged in to where.

You are now ready for MULTI- MICE fun and games.


  1. Great!
    I've seen your Youtube video as well.
    I'm trying the same in the Netherlands.
    I use 10 port usb hubs I bought from Dealextreme.

  2. Great post. I want to try out MouseMischief in my classroom too. I also like your movies! Very inspiring!